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EZ Estimater is a simple to use estimating app that can be customized for the particular trade you are estimating whether you are an Electrician , roofer , plumber , painter etc. The estimator App has been in use for over 20 years designed by a General contractor to bid remodeling and room addition projects . Unlike most of the estimating apps available online this app has all the features that any contractor would want . Why would we be giving the App away for free ? Well the app by itself will have enough features that you could use it to bid your projects and win more jobs without the additional features we are planning on implementing and will charge a subscription fee for in the next few months . EZ Estimator feels that the newest features will entice you to want to subscribe to the optional features . EZ Estimater will offer 4 levels of subscription so you only pay for the features you will use with a one time annual fee . The Free version will be fully functional and will allow you to start winning more jobs right away so download it today !!

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Professional , accurate and quick estimating .

As a  Licensed contractor for over 20 years I realized that estimating was the life blood of my company Having a construction company and hiring estimators made it difficult if I did not have a consistent and accurate system for my estimators to quickly and accurately estimate remodeling projects . I looked at all the estimating software that was available at the time and could not find one that would meet all my requirements , labor and material database that i could update once with my cost for material and labor, templates that would load multiple items at once to make it easy to estimate the same work over and over again , accurate mark ups that could be adjusted as pricing increases , a simple to read professional looking , itemized  and detailed quote that I could print out or email to my customers . EZ Estimater software was born.

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Optional features to make estimating easier

EZ Estimater is a fully functional version of the estimating App but will be offering additional features in the upcoming months that will automate the in puting of labor and material cost for your trade to the app. Never underbid your projects again . As an estimator for over 20 years and a General contractor I have found the secret to winning more jobs is not to sell at the lowest price , but to sell professionalism . Customers will not only look at price but will look at the way you present your bid . A detailed itemized accurate bid will win more jobs than a poorly written bid on a carbon invoice pad or the back of a business card . With EZ Estimater you can accomplish this in a matter of minutes . It only takers less than  hour to learn how to use the EZ Estimating app system . I have taught many estimaters even those who are not computer literate to use the EZ Estimater app to bid remodeling projects in as little as one day . If you are a single trade contractor it would take even less time .

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Why Use EZ Estimater APP?

If you are a contractor estimating jobs what sets you apart from the rest of the contractors ? If you do good work more than likely you will get many referrals jobs and your presentation is not as important to the customer .But your reputation can only get you so far , But what about new customers ? They dont know you and the only way you can stand out from the other contractors would be your presentation . EZ Estimator App will be the easiest and fastest way to give an accurate and detailed bid in a matter of minutes to present to your customer . I guarantee that you will win more jobs in less time , after all time is money .  If you are a new contractor like I was you will find the optional features will be worth their weght in gold by giving accurate competitive pricing for labor and material for your projects . If you are an experienced contractor you will also find the optional features will allow you to spend more time working and less time estimating to win more jobs.

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Download the Free EZ Estimater App today and start winning more jobs now .