Simple to use

Simple and Easy estimating APP

Can be used on your phone , tablet or PC . EZ Estimater app is easy enough to learn in a few hours. Wether you are estimating electrical , plumbing , roofing , flooring or any type of job that would require consistent material and labor pricing EZ Estimator is for you .

Accurate and consistent Estimating

The EZ Estimater App will allow you to build your material and labor cost book manually or a subscription will allow the cost to be automatically updated to your cost book. In order for you to be have consistant and accurate bids you need to be able to bid projects with the latest pricing for materials with the EZ Estimater you have the option of populating the cost book pricing manually or automatically with a small annual subscription fee . This will allow for more consistent and accurate pricing for your projects .

Optional features

The Complete estimating system

The EZ Estimater App has optional features that will available soon that will enable you to spend less time estimating and more time winning jobs . The features that will be available for a reasonable subscription fee are

  1. Automatic material cost updating
  2. Automatic labor cost updating
  3. Generate templates with multiple codes
  4. Customize estimate with company logo and colors
  5. Quick books integration
  6. Credit card processing
  7. Web backup of estimates
  8. Network administrator access to estimators bids
  9. Auto email material list to vendor for pricing
  10. Automatic multiple vendor updating


Easy to use predefined codes .

You can set up your EZ Estimater app with predefined codes for items that you use frequently such as Faucet1 would print out ” Supply labor and material to install a Moen single handle chrome bathroom faucet in bathroom . 1 ea .” The predefined price and labor would automatically be inputed from your database and corresponding mark up on material and labor .

Predefined Templates

Predefined templates could be set up to use multiple codes such as WATERHEATER1  would include multiple codes such as waterheater 50gal , temperature pressure valve , gas line , earthquake straps this would load all the separate codes with one template to make sure you included them in the price . Once your templates and codes are set up you never need to set them up again . Its as easy as that . You have additional estimators then you can be sure they are estimating correctly because the templates are already set up .

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